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If you love to Geek Out we're the podcast for you. We take you for a ride into our brains and talk about all the things Geeks are thinking about. We try and keep it PG13 only saying the F-Word 1 time per show but we dont always comply with it. Who's going to say the F-Word this week.
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Dec 15, 2016

Here it the final two contestants in our first annual Contest of Champions! Our Winter's Brawl if you will! Who will take the crown and the $25.00 gift card of their choice! Its down to Joseph vs. Trent! Both good friends, but in this one there can only be one winner! FINISH HIM!!!

Nov 16, 2016

Ok people, we posed a question to everyone in Reloaded land: If you could live in any animated world, be it anime, regular cartoon, or even a CGI style, where would you live? We had a pretty good showing of 20 listeners. So here is the skinny on it. It will be a contest, a battle royal if you will! It will be held in a tournament bracket style. Ten on one side and ten on another with the final two squaring off against each other. Two man enter, one man leave! Welcome to the Thunderdome!! The winner will get bragging right and a choice of a $25 Visa gift card, Best Buy gift card, or Gamestop gift card, your choice! So now you got your world, the next thing to do is pick your ability, only one! Not a race or a character, just one ability! Choose wisely once again! We will determine if it allowed or not and it will be as fair as humanly possible. We will be revealing more details to come. Thank again everyone for being with us on this rollercoaster of a ride! Remember to stay ever upward!!