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If you love to Geek Out we're the podcast for you. We take you for a ride into our brains and talk about all the things Geeks are thinking about. We try and keep it PG13 only saying the F-Word 1 time per show but we dont always comply with it. Who's going to say the F-Word this week.
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Feb 22, 2017

This week Mike and I discuss the ongoing plagiarism and lack of individuality in Hollywood. We speak of remakes and reboots in TV and Movies. Join us for a listen as we also bring back one of our regulars, the Zombie Prince himself....Dane!! Enjoy and don't forget to leave us some feedback, questions, or comments! Thanks again!

Feb 15, 2017

There has been a history of ingenious criminals who were incredible masterminds in doing heists or crimes! Well these are not those people! We figured it would more fun and entertaining to talk about the dumbest criminals out there! So enjoy our banter and have a good laugh!!

Feb 8, 2017

Hey Reloaders! Today we discuss the new Star Wars Ep. 8 : The Last Jedi!

We have a couple guests with us in Trent and Brandon, to get some of todays youth involved and see what their take is on all this new Star Wars is! We hope you all enjoy and we will see you next week! Until then "Stay ever upward!"

Feb 1, 2017

Hey Reloaders tis week Mike and Chris come at you with some scary stuff this week, Natural Disasters! These are events that may cause an extinction level event! We do not intend to frighten people too much, but people need to be aware of some of these situations! we hope you enjoy! We will see you next week! Until then, "stay ever upward!"